Best Poster Presentations

The 8th International Soil Science Congress on

"Land Degradation and Challenges in Sustainable Soil Management"

15-17 May 2012, Çeşme-İzmir-TURKEY


Authors Name Title
Jackson Adriano Albuquerque, André da Costa, Jaime de Almeida, Adriano da Costa, Rodrigo Viera Luciano Estimation of water retention and availability in soils of southern Brazil using pedotransfer functions
A. Turalija, H. Pavić, S. Ćosić, D. Kraljević, I. Kelava, A. Stanisavljević Ecological Approach of Medieval Wetland Fort Korođ
Yeonghe Ahn, Tae-hee Kim Continuous Removal of Perchlorate by Salt-Tolerant Perchlorate-Reducing Bacteria

Bilen, S., Shrestha, R., Jacinthe, P. A., Dick, W. A., Lal, R.

Greenhouse gas budgets after 46 years of continuous application of various tillage practices